Now, they’re gearing up for another season, which Schaffer is cautiously optimistic about. He said the writers are still in the early stages, sharing, “The writing of the season is honestly exactly the same as the other seasons, where we’ve figured out an arc and now it’s just about putting together the funniest episodes. We’re so micro that we’re not even worried about the macro right now. We’re still brick-by-brick building all the houses. There is some really funny stuff.”

And yes, there will be more discussion of Young Larry, the show Larry was writing in Curb. 

But don’t hold your breath waiting for a premiere date. Schaffer joked that they like long gaps between seasons, because it takes the pressure off the writers. “One of the things that I always tell myself when we’re writing a new season is, ‘Hey, I know that last season ended really well and people really liked it but, it’s OK,'” he explained. ‘”It’s going to be two years before they see it again. They’ll forget. And they’ll just be so happy to have us back. So, the pressure is off because no one is going to remember!'”