Former President Donald Trump continues to outperform President Joe Biden on a variety of key issues, a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll taken in September found.

Biden’s overall approval rating is underwater, as a majority, 55 percent, disapprove of his job performance, compared to 41 percent who approve. However, Biden fails to garner significant support on a variety of key issues facing the country. Perhaps what is more, Trump’s ratings in January 2021 continue to outperform Biden’s current approval ratings.

For instance, Trump saw a 56 percent approval rating on the economy in January 2021. Biden’s rating on the economy in September 2022 stood at 37 percent, falling from 61 percent approval in February 2021, right after taking office. 

Similarly, a majority, 52 percent, approved of Trump’s handling of immigration in January 2021. Biden’s September approval stood at 37 percent. 

This trend continues on a variety of issues ahead of the midterms:

Stimulating Jobs
Trump January 2021: 58 percent approve
Biden September 2022: 44 percent approve

Fighting Terrorism
Trump January 2021: 55 percent approve
Biden September 2022: 42 percent approve

Foreign Affairs
Trump January 2021: 52 percent approve
Biden September 2022: 40 percent approve

Administering the Government
Trump January 2021: 49 percent approve
Biden September 2022: 41 percent approve

Biden only holds the edge on one category, leading Trump by two points on reacting to the Chinese coronavirus. 

Biden also sees abysmal approval ratings on crime, 38 percent, and handling inflation, 36 percent. The data on those two subjects were not available for Trump in January 2021. 

The survey was taken September 7-8, 2022, among 1,885 registered voters.